Great Bromances (TNG Episodes 1.07 and 7.23)

Pete and Megan are getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit by watching The Next Generation Season 1 Episode 7 "Basketball Diaries" and Season 7 Episode 23 "If This Is It" to explore how Jimmy and Spinner are totally ride or die bros for each other.

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Toronto Trip + Throwback Thursday: DJH 1.02

Pete and Megan talk a little bit about their trip to Toronto and how Degrassi may have influenced it. They also discuss the second episode of Degrassi Junior High Season 1 Episode 2 titled "The Big Dance."

Blackmail (TNG 10.5, 10.6 and TNC 1.9)

Megan and Pete debate the usefulness of blackmail in the Degrassi universe. Did it work out for Drew when he held Riley’s sexuality as leverage for a prime Quarterback position? How about when Hunter used Zig’s infidelity against him in order to continue to act like a jerk to Maya? Jeez. All this and more on today’s Degrassi High AF.

Love Triangles (TNG Episodes 6.01, 6.02, 13.12, 13.13)

Pete and Megan get into the saucy affairs of Sean, Emma and Peter in Season 6 two parter "Here Comes Your Man" of Degrassi TNG as well as Zig, Maya and Miles in season 13's two parter "Sparks Will Fly." We try to figure out how to combine their names into a portmanteau and who is the most toxic member of the triangle.

Do You Wanna Like... Blaze? (TNG Episodes 5.03, 7.10, 8.15)

We introduce ourselves (Pete & Megan), the podcast and we explore weed-related episodes of The Next Generation including Season 5 episode 03 "Death of a Disco Dancer, Season 7 Episode 10 "Pass The Dutchie" and Season 8 Episode 15 "Touch of Grey"  I think we forget to intro Pass The Dutchie. Like a Degrassi student, we will learn the hard way.